Pelling Custom Concrete & Masonry 

Pelling Custom Concrete Ltd can take care of all your concrete needs. Our motto is "if you can draw it, we can pour it". We also have divisions to take care of tile works, stone and cultured stone, masonry, and paving stones. Our specialties include but are not limited to,                                   

  1. Parkades
  2. Foundations both commercial and residential
  3. Driveways-paved and paving stones
  4. Flat work including stamped
  5. Stone and cultured stone
  6. Masonry- stone and cinder block
  7. Heat trace, both in concrete and under paving stones
  8. Tile and natural stone
  9. Forming, placing and finishing 

 We started doing small concrete pours in the early days  We have now grown to a professional capacity that enabled us to do the foundation on the local Wal Mart. This does not mean we are too big for the little jobs, it just means we have grown in skill to accomplish such a task. The bulk of our work is doing residential works for homeowners and will continue to be so. We carry 5 million liability insurance and will provide WCB clearance letters upon request. We also have a 5 year limited warranty on materials and labor. Call us for a free estimate