........Our company has dealt with Pelling Industries for about the last four years. Sean Pelling has always provided us with timely and accurate estimates and then followed through with excellent work, they have started and finished the jobs in a timely fashion and as agreed to by both parties.. He has completed contracts for us ranging from $200.00 to $250,000.00 and in every case we have been satisfied with his work. I can safely recommend Pelling Industries as a fair and trustworthy company.

Rod Derouin Home Town Realty - e-mail September 10th, 2004


..............For the preceding 12 months we have retained Mr. Shawn Pelling of Pelling Industries to oversee and perform various construction projects at Strata Development LMS 1292 / 2222 Castle Drive, Whistler BC. 

Mr. Pelling has proven to be effective, accessible, responsive and creative with respect to management of those projects for which he has been retained.

The work has been completed on a very timely basis and is top – notch. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the writer at 604 816 7567 if you have any questions regarding the above.


David Adanac, Strata Chairperson , LMS 1292 Castle Estates...........September 13, 2004


.............It is with great pleasure and utmost confidence that I provide this letter of reference for Pelling Industries.  Since early in 2004, when we engaged Shawn Pelling to install a couple of windows, until mid summer 2004, when he completed the major remodel we had decided to undertake, we have been impressed and pleased with our choice of contractor.  It is perhaps relevant to note that we began with a small project specifically to decide if we had found a contractor with whom we would entrust the much bigger project to come; once begun, there was never any doubt.

Three qualities were important as we evaluated our project and the contractor; professionalism, reliability, and, ultimately, the quality of the finished product.  And in each of these areas, Shawn proved an exceptional choice.

Professionalism - From the first discussions about scope and cost right through to the final settlement, Shawn Pelling excelled.  He was most attentive as we described what we were trying to do, taking great care to understand our desired outcomes, and offering suggestions when we asked.  He kept us informed of project status and we discussed project cost regularly. Shawn proved to be accurate, thorough, and forthcoming.

Reliability - This a is simple thing to summarize.  Shawn did what he said when he said he would do it.  By keeping us posted with regularity, there were no surprises.  And when new things came up, we discussed them and got them resolved.  Shawn was always careful to make sure he knew what we wanted and was more than willing to share with us how he intended to deliver.  Thus, scope changes, for example, were easy to get through.

Quality - We are aware of far too many projects that start well but never seem to finish.  Shawn is a finisher.  The quality of the finish work is exemplary and visitors who see it universally comment on this aspect of the work.  Quality finish work is not always possible if the infrastructure work is inadequate.  We saw all of it weekly and it was Shawn's attention to detail, the quality assurance reviews of his subcontractor's and employee's work, and his insistence on quality throughout that make that final quality possible.  And when it is over, he stands behind his work.

We often recommend Shawn Pelling and Pelling Industries to friends who inquire about our project and are considering their own.  And it is without hesitation that we can provide this letter of reference.  We would not hesitate for a second if/when we have any other work to be done.

Linda L. Slaughter     Corporate Diversity - Program Manager       linsla@SAFECO.com     206-545-5431    September 14, 2004 


............. Shawn, she loved it.  You did a great job.  I hope to see some pictures of the final product  ........Simpson Reno

Anissa Stamp, XTO Energy Inc........January 6, 2006                                          


……..I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Pelling of Pelling Industries during the spring and summer of 2007.  Mr. Pelling’s concrete division was the sub trade secured to complete the concrete foundation of the new Squamish Wal-Mart in Squamish, BC.


The concrete foundation for this project was an intricate engineered seismic design of concrete footings and “tie beams” designed to withstand the pressures of an earthquake.  Due to complex design and site conditions, we encountered a number of redesigns during the early and mid stages of construction.  Pelling Industries easily adapted the changes and presented us with very fair pricing on change orders to keep our project within budget.  Thanks in part to his hard work the project was completed on time and on budget.


I enjoyed working with Mr. Pelling, his site foremen and crew, and look forward to any future endeavors with them as my concrete sub trade.




George D. Vincent, Bird Construction Company – Project Superintendent.....June 4, 2008


…….Pelling was contracted as one of the four different concrete crews working on Quest University.  Pelling’s specific contract was to construct some architectural concrete feature walls, their contract value was roughly $130,000.


I am pleased to advise you that Pelling’s workmanship far exceeded our expectations.  The tradesmen that completed the work were highly competent and conscientious, and further to this, their scope was completed within schedule constraints of the project, during extreme winter conditions, without a single deficiency.  Their concrete work has frequently been referred to by our project architect as the best concrete on the entire project.


We would be pleased to use Pelling again where a high standard of quality is expected.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.




Cheryl Wilson, Scott Construction Group – Project Coordinator

headoffice@scottconstructiongroup.com    604-874-8228    June 5, 2008


Thank you so much!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the work being done!  Nice to have the financial back-up on it all !
Lyn Felker - e-mail March 26, 2010


Jeff, I know we talked yesterday, but just want you to know how much I LOVE my bathroom. I kind of wish I had gone with the pedestal sink - but only because of space. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sink and console and the shower is AMAZING. I can't wait to see the rest of it! It is one of the most awesome small bathrooms EVER!!!!!!!

I am going to use the stools in my livingroom and am getting rid of the yellow chair and footstool! They will be PERFECT!

Thanks so much for everything and for keeping me aware of things as you are going along.


Lyn Felker - e-mail April 22, 2010


Hi Jeff,

Having a pretty definite idea about what I wanted in the two bathrooms in my older, personality plus Cape Cod was one thing, getting someone to take my ideas, and execute a design and plan to make it all happen is another. Thank you for the technical expertise, the help in ordering fixtures, and the astute suggestions that made it all so much better than I had envisioned. Jeff and his team made the remodel a painless ordeal; showing up on schedule and completing the work in a professional way with attention to the small details. Communication was great, as was the Pelling web site that was constantly updated to let me know where I stood financially. I will absolutely use Pelling for any future remodels and I want to thank you all for a job well done.

Elaine Johnson  - April 28, 2010


Jeff, I wanted to capture my thoughts about Pelling Industries, the quality of the work, the timeliness of the project and the staff at Pelling Industries, based on my recent experience.


First of all, I have to tell you that I have had other work done on my home previously.  There is absolutely no comparison in the prior work that was done and the work Pelling recently did for me.  Pelling is outstanding!!! 


·         The quality of the work is more than I could have asked.

·         The attention to detail and the creativity as we worked through my bathroom remodel not only made it fun, but resulted in one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have seen. 

·         My bathroom took approximately one month from start to finish.  It was a complete remodel – all fixtures were removed and not only replaced, but the floor plan was completely revised.

·         The staff at Pelling was extraordinary and the work that was subcontracted out was carefully reviewed and approved by Pelling at every juncture.  The staff from Pelling were at my home every day and monitored any and all projects associated with my remodel.  I never had to worry about anything.  They took very good care of me and of my home.

I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a remodel or a building project of any kind.  You will not be disappointed!


Ms. Lyn Felker

(425) 918-5667     May 6th, 2010